Double Story

It’s been a minute since I shared or posted anything new around here; it’s been several minutes actually. So, I thought I should share what I’m currently up to: a shallow dive in single and double story letters.

At my current job — which is not a design related role — I’m now working only part time. It was a voluntary move, and my reasons were many; I could write a separate post about those. Maybe.

With my newfound extra time, I’m learning to design fonts. I always had an appreciation for letters and letterforms, and creating a typeface has long been a goal. Several logos I designed feature custom typography; some are modifications of existing type, and others are my own original creation.

As of this writing, I’m nearly finished with my lower case letters; currently, I’m working on a double story g. It’s a curious letterform, and if you ever wondered why we even have single and double story letters, Insider Software offers a short story on them.